Steve Jobs on television

I’ve written two pieces this week on television, with the intent of exploring what changes, if any, may be coming: The cord-cutting fantasy examined why cutting the cord yet keeping the shows you watch (i.e. unbundling) is unrealistic. Why TV has resisted disruption explored the strategic reasons why TV remains strong I’m working on Part […]

Why TV Has Resisted Disruption

The structure of the TV businesses and exclusive content has helped the industry escape disruption. For now.

The Cord-Cutting Fantasy

Predictably, television was one of the first topics Tim Cook was asked about at yesterday’s interview at AllThingsD. This followed the rumors of Yahoo acquiring Hulu, and Microsoft’s entertainment-centric Xbox One launch last week. It’s all about TV and the imminent age of cord-cutting. On this the blogosphere is certain. Except for one little problem: […]

The Week in Review – May 19-25, 2013

The Week In Review is a weekly digest of what I found interesting in tech over the last week. It consists of the story of the week, a summary of stratechery articles and links, a huge collection of links that I found noteworthy (plus commentary), and my favorite tweets of the week. I post this […]

The Google We Always Wanted

Steve Jobs, in his biography, on his meeting with Larry Page after the latter became CEO: We talked a lot about focus. And choosing people. How to know who to trust, and how to build a team of lieutenants he can count on. I described the blocking and tackling he would have to do to […]

Hangouts requires a Google+ account

Jon Russell: I’m really impressed with the Hangouts messenger service. Web client is a good addition IMO, but mandatory G+ account is a big frustration. Benedict Evans had a brilliant post a month ago about why consolidation may not be the endgame for mobile chat: On mobile the social graph comes ready-made in your address […]

Yahoo, Tumblr, and the Signal-to-ads Cycle

Tumblr is worth far more to Yahoo than $1.1 billion, and worth far less as a standalone company. That makes this acquisition a win-win; Yahoo is buying three important parts of the signal-to-ads cycle, and Tumblr’s investors are getting a nice exit. There are three ways to improve advertising revenue: Sell more ads Sell more […]

Intel CEO shakes up units, creates ‘new devices’ group

Reuters: Intel Corp’s new chief executive, Brian Krzanich, has launched a sweeping company reorganization and created a unit aimed at growing its market share in mobile technology… The chipmaker’s main product groups – including the PC client group, mobile communications and data center unit that previously reported to Intel Architecture group chief Dadi Perlmutter – […]

A better, brighter Flickr

The Flickr blog: In the beginning, Flickr innovated the way people share and discover photos. Today, we are shifting the photo-sharing landscape again. We’re releasing a Flickr that’s more spectacular, much bigger, and one you can take anywhere. In a weird way, today’s Flickr announcement is the most encouraging sign possible that the Tumblr acquisition […]

How to know when Apple finally gets iCloud right

Gus Mueller, who creates the amazing Acorn, among other cool products: WWDC 2013 is fast approaching, and chances are good that we’ll get some sort of preview and song and dance about how iCloud sync is even better than ever for developers. Honestly, would you expect Apple to say anything else? But how are we […]