From my Inbox: GarageBand is a bad example

A reader counters yesterday’s note on GarageBand: I think especially GarageBand is a bad example, because in the realm of Music and Audio apps there seems to be a thriving business with lots of much, much more capable and (all in all) much better apps (not in breadth, but in depth) – with higher prices […]

From my Inbox: GarageBand and sustainable businesses

I got some great feedback on yesterday’s post about Apple and sustainable apps. I wanted to highlight one email in particular.1 A reader writes: Another way of framing the situation is by contrasting iOS hardware and OS releases against App Store monetization options. Hardware (CPU, graphics, RAM, display resolution) and iOS (APIs and frameworks) have […]

Why Doesn’t Apple Enable Sustainable Businesses on the App Store?

This series of posts is about enabling sustainable businesses on the App Store. In Part 1, I discuss why Paper and other productivity apps may not be doing as well as you might think. Part 2 explores why casual games, in contrast, are a sustainable business, but not a differentiator for platforms (I added a […]