How Google Can Steal Facebook's Candy

I wrote a piece on Bloomberg View about Facebook’s vulnerability when it comes to their chief money-maker: app-install ads. Facebook runs the risk of becoming the second option for the sorts of advertisers that are currently its best customers. Facebook has made several acquisitions that will help them gain more insight into in-app behavior, most […]

Stratechery.FM Episode 003: Net Neutrality

In Episode 3 of the official Stratechery Podcast, co-host Jon Nathanson and I go deep on Net Neutrality, including: The Economic of ISPs The role of the market versus the role of the government U.S. versus the rest of the world Utility versus fast lanes versus pay-per-MB Google Fiber Head on over to Stratechery.FM for […]

Daily Update: Twitter Earnings, WWDC Hardware Speculation, Google Identity

Good morning, I believe I have isolated the private feed problem being experienced by Feedly users to aggressive cacheing by my host, WPEngine. They are investigating the issue and will hopefully have a fix some time today. Sorry for the trouble. On to the update. Twitter’s Earnings Twitter’s stock is getting killed in after-hours after […]


Stratechery and millions of blogs like it are built on WordPress. The goal of WordPress is to democratize publishing, making it possible for sites like Stratechery to reach a huge audience without having to go through journalism’s traditional gatekeepers. There is nothing stopping you from doing the same. You can get started with a blog […]

The Problem with Payments

Payments are one of the eternal tech rainbows,1 enticing startups and established companies alike with the promise of priceless data and incredible volumes. Many who dive in, though, like Google with Wallet, find it’s incredibly tough going. Square, for example, is burning through cash and may be acquired whether they want to be or not. […]

Daily Update: Net Neutrality, Google+, Amazon Earnings Follow-up

Good morning, A few site updates: For access members, I invited everyone who had updated their profile to confirm that they wanted Glassboard access to the private Glassboard. If you haven’t gotten an invitation, please double-check your profile; I’ll do another import later today. I’ve manually gone through the member lists to make sure everyone […]