Additional Thoughts on iWatch and Android Wear

A few points of follow-up on last week’s piece Android Where?: So What About iWatch? I only mentioned the iWatch tangentially in last week’s piece, which is just as well, for it gives me an opportunity to link favorably to this piece on Techpinions by industry veteran Tim Bajarin about the (alleged) iWatch: I actually […]

Daily Update: Facebook’s Research; The Revenue and Profit Link; Apple, Korea and Taiwan

Good morning, This update is arriving early because I am headed for the airport with my family for several weeks with my parents in Wisconsin. The fact I can do this is because of all your support, so thank you. Second, I feel pretty optimistic about keeping these updates on their early-morning schedule, but thereSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The Aereo Case, Searching Phones Requires a Warrant, GoPro’s Successful IPO

Good morning, Yesterday I posted my promised piece about Android Wear specifically and contextual computing broadly (I’m a bit skeptical of both). Check it out here: Economic Power in the Age of Abundance. On to today’s update: The Aereo Case The Supreme Court decided against Aereo, a startup that offered a service which transmitted over-the-airSubscribe […]

Android Where?

There is no questioning the scope of Google’s ambitions. Consider the fact that yesterday’s two-and-a-half hour keynote was shorter than the 2013 version, and that the two keynotes had almost zero overlap! While last year Google spent a lot of time both enhancing the Android development environment and Google+, this year was about extending Android […]

Daily Update: Google I/O – Analysis on Every Announcement

Good morning, It’s the day after the Google I/O keynote, and I believe the actual presentation has concluded but I really should check to make sure… In all seriousness, this year’s presentation was actually shorter than last year’s, but no less ambitious. Like I did after WWDC, I’m going to spend this update running throughSubscribe […]

Podcast: Exponent Episode 008 – Debating Disruption

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this episode we take on the validity of Disruption Theory in three parts: A discussion of Jill Lepore’s New Yorker article attacking disruption, as well as the debate that surrounded the article Ben’s article from last fall “What Clayton Christensen Got […]

Daily Update: The FAA and Drones, Google to Preannounce New Android, Oculus Seeking Partners

Good morning, I wrote a piece yesterday about the latest attempt by European publishers to extract concessions out of Google for including their content in its listings. I’ve always found the idea kind of silly on the face of it, but actually thinking about why it is silly results in some interesting takeaways about whereSubscribe […]

Economic Power in the Age of Abundance

Publishers are trying to threaten Google again, apparently unaware that because of the Internet they have no power: that flows to the platforms that control discovery.

Daily Update: Google and Nest Information, AppleTV and HomeKit, Surface Pro 3 and Nokia X2

Good morning, The ramp up to Google I/O is beginning in earnest; the keynote will be tomorrow, June 25, at 9am. I’m looking into the feasibility of doing another live chat for access members; check out Glassboard for details (or upgrade here). On to the update: Google and Nest Interaction Even as late as lastSubscribe […]

Nest Buys Dropcam, Amazon Coins for Fire Phone Developers, Yahoo’s Digital Magazines

Good morning, I am still trying to recover from that U.S. soccer game. What could have been! At least there is always plenty of tech news to draw us in. On to the update: Google Nest Buys Dropcam On Friday Nest announced they were buying Dropcam, a home monitoring service. From Recode: Dropcam, the popularSubscribe […]