Podcast: Exponent Episode 015 – Consoles and Disruption

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode we discuss whether or not consoles will be disrupted. This episode was recorded a week ago (immediately after last week’s episode), before Ben wrote his pieces Games and Good Enough and Games and New Market Disruption. Links Ben […]

Podcast: Vector – Turtles All the Way Down

I joined the Vector podcast to talk about Apple University, Microsoft stack ranking, patents, Samsung copying, iPhone screen sizes, native advertising, and a whole lot more. I think you’ll enjoy this one. You can listen to the episode here.

Daily Update: Another (Inevitable) Uber Controversy, Why Instagram’s Hyperlapse Damns Windows Phone, Pouring Water on Fire Phone

Good morning, I wrote a brief piece on Stratechery about Amazon buying Twitch; my takeaway was in the title: Amazon: Not an E-Commerce Company. One could argue that makes the upside in their stock even greater, but were I an investor, I think I’d be out. I buy the e-commerce story; Amazon ruling the world,Subscribe […]

Amazon: Not an E-commerce Company

Let’s start with the premise that Twitch, the video-game watching network, is the next ESPN – you know, the jewel in Disney’s crown that, by itself, is worth $50.8 billion. Like ESPN, Twitch is about live competition, and, like ESPN, Twitch does exceptionally well in the highly desirable young male demographic.1 Obviously this is the […]

Daily Update: Amazon Buys Twitch, Amazon’s Ad Program, Facebook Taking on DoubleClick

Good morning, If you’ll forgive a bit of braggadocio, I’ve certainly been getting lucky on Stratechery when it comes to acquisitions: I wrote about hardware-based business models the day before Google bought Nest, and how messaging was mobile’s killer app the day before Facebook bought WhatsApp. I can’t claim to be quite as spot-on whenSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The United States’ PC Hangover, Message App Milestones, iPhone 6 Screen Size Conjecture

Good morning, Welcome to the last week of August! Fortunately, we’re all interested in tech, where there is always something interesting being announced – or rumored. On to the update: The United States’ PC Hangover There were lots of interesting tidbits in the latest comScore U.S. Mobile App Report, particularly the list of the topSubscribe […]

Gaming and New Market Disruption, and the Week in Daily Updates

The main page content on Stratechery is free for all readers, but I also offer the Daily Update via email and RSS for $10 per month/$100 per year. This is one of the items sent out in this week’s Daily Updates. To read all of the Daily Updates, visit the Membership page The fastest growing […]

Podcast: Exponent Episode 014 – The Rise of the Algorithm

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode we spend a good bit of time revisiting the native ads discussion, then dive into the different ways that Twitter and Facebook have handled the news this week. From there we discuss Twitter’s timeline changes, the realities of […]