Podcast: Exponent 044 – Up in the Clouds with Twitter

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode James and I discuss why Twitter needs new leadership, its massive potential, and why Google probably should acquire it Links Ben Thompson: Twitter Needs New Leadership – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Twitter’s Marketing Problem – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Facebook […]

Twitter Follow-up, Microsoft’s Build Keynote

Good morning, Just a reminder, there will be no Daily Update tomorrow, as I will be traveling with my family. In addition, the plan is to launch an updated design of Stratechery, along with a brand new membership system, and a Discourse-based discussion forum this coming Monday. There shouldn’t be any interruption in the daily […]

Twitter Needs New Leadership

Yesterday Twitter released very disappointing quarterly results, with misses on both user and revenue growth. From the Wall Street Journal: Twitter Inc. delivered its weakest quarterly revenue growth as a publicly traded company, casting a shadow on its fledgling advertising business, which until now has been a consistent bright spot. Investors, who sent the company’s […]

Getting Amazon (Partly) Wrong, Xiaomi in India

Good morning, I had a terrible weekend. I’ll explain why — on to the update: Getting Amazon (Partly) Wrong Back up to Friday: I was pretty pumped about Amazon’s AWS numbers at first glance, but then, while writing last Friday’s update decided they weren’t so good after all. In the process I did mess up […]

Exponent: Project Fi and Facebook’s Feed

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Facebook and the Feed. Listen to it here.

Daily Update: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google Earnings

Good morning, The earnings onslaught continues. On to the update: Amazon’s Earnings Amazon’s management did a better job of avoiding income taxes this quarter: the company is back to its usual — and surely intentional — loss-making ways. From The Wall Street Journal: The Seattle company reported a loss despite rapidly rising sales, as it […]