Vox Acquires Recode; Stars, Money, and Reach; The Apple Car and Jony Ive

Recode has sold to Vox, and while everyone involved is putting a happy face on the matter, it seems highly likely that Recode failed as a business. Understanding how content businesses work show where they went wrong, but what does that mean for someone like Bill Simmons?

Also, Jeff Williams spoke at Recode, and he just might have changed my mind about Jony Ive.

21 Inc. and the Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is commonly characterized as an alternative currency, but actually the core concept has little to do with money. The potential as a protocol is massive, but only if everyone everywhere is connected to the network. 21 Inc. is trying to make that happen.

Podcast: Exponent 046 — Everything Has a Price

In this week’s episode, Ben and James discuss ad-blockers, both personal ones and the rumored carrier-implemented one, as well as Internet.org and the moral quandary that is the Internet.

Apple Watch and Continuous Computing

The Apple Watch’s success depends on three things: the physical design, the interaction model, and how it interacts with its environment. It’s on the right track

Carriers to Implement Ad-Blocking?, Mad Men and Optimism, Spotify and Starbucks

Today’s update is a Media Monday on a Tuesday. First, a reported ad-blocking initiative from European carriers and a discussion on its moral, legal, and business aspects. Then, reasons to be both pessimistic and optimistic about the future of publishing. Finally, a discussion of Spotify’s deal with Starbucks, it’s symbolism, and the similarities and differences between the music and content industries.