Why Disney and ESPN Will Be OK

An increasing number of questions are being raised about the future of the pay-TV bundle, and of ESPN. The former may indeed be doomed, but that doesn’t mean the latter is in as much trouble as people think: after all, Disney is the master of differentiated content.

German Automaker Consortium Buys Here Maps, Don’t Dismiss Apple MVNO Rumors

As expected a consortium of German automakers has acquired Here Maps. It’s hard to see this as anything other than defense of the status quo, particularly against Uber. What, though, will the latter do now?

Then, the usual skepticism surround rumors that Apple will launch an MVNO. However, I think that Apple has more leverage than you might think, and Aggregation Theory explains why.

Meetup Information; LinkedIn Beats, Slumps; Samsung’s Shift Continues; Sony’s Specialization

LinkedIn and Samsung both had negative reactions to their earnings, but both are in the middle of a shift to a better position going forward; Sony’s results were worse on an absolute basis but better received because they’ve already gone through the hard work of focusing on what works.

Plus, meetup information for Chicago, New York, and Madison