The Facebook Epoch

First came the PC, and on top of the PC the Internet. Then, mobile, but what will rule mobile?

What is Medium Doing?, Facebook Updates Notes

Medium just raised $57 million on a relatively modest valuation, but lots of folks aren’t still sure what the company is trying to accomplish: today I give it my best shot. Plus, Facebook has updated Notes, which look a lot like, well, Medium posts. The appearance, though, isn’t what will make them succeed or fail.

Exponent Podcast: Connect the Dots

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Volkswagen, then mortgages, then Ben’s time in Taiwan, and finally end with a critique of the Apple Watch. Listen to it here.

Onshape and Disruption, Office 365 and Sustaining Innovation

Onshape is CAD software making a bet that starting with the cloud is fundamentally disruptive. However, disruption includes an economic component, and as Office 365 v Google Apps suggests, if that doesn’t exist the incumbents will respond

Disconfirming Ebooks

Aggregation Theory would seem to argue that ebooks are destined to dominate the publishing industry. However, that is decidedly not happening; understanding why is a powerful tool to make the theory better.

About that Apple Car (and Jony Ive), The 21 Inc Bitcoin Computer

I’ve agreed that there is probably an Apple Car for a while, but I do need to make it official that I was likely wrong about Jony Ive. Then, what is the deal with 21 Inc’s Bitcoin Computer? Is there any way it makes sense?

Exponent Podcast: All About Ads

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Popping the Publishing Bubble. Listen to it here.