Google Hires Diane Greene, Google the Cloud Company?

Google is signaling that it is getting serious about the cloud, so success is certain. Or is it? What actually matters in building an adjacent business for a different kind of market?

Exponent Podcast: Fashion in PC Gaming

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss PC Gaming and the fascinating way in which it monetizes, leading to a wide-ranging discussion about how business has changed because of the Internet. Listen to it here.

Adele Won’t Stream 25, Windowing Versus Piracy

Adele won’t stream her new album, and I think that makes a ton of sense. Monetizing IP might be hard, but I don’t think it’s necessarily hostile to your fans. Plus, what really ended piracy and what will be the biggest conflict in IP-related industries in the future.

Selling Feelings

Distribution being free may have ruined old business models, but it allows businesses to get much closer to their customers and make money by meeting needs.

Amazon Opens Physical Bookstore, The iPad Pro’s Half Launch

Amazon’s physical bookstore is first and foremost an experiment. However, it’s worth considering how it fits into Amazon’s measurement of success. Then, the iPad Pro launched, but not its accessories. It’s part of a worrying trend.

Sequoia Scouts, Fidelity Cuts Value of Unicorns

Sequoia has been funding pre-angel investors called Scouts: the point isn’t to make money, but to gather information and build relationships. Then, Fidelity is marking down startups: is the sky falling?