The 2015 Stratechery Year in Review

The top five most read posts, big ideas, company-specific posts, posts about media, and Daily Updates of 2015.

Exponent Podcast: OpenAI and Strategy Credits

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss OpenAI’s new mission and what it says about capitalism. Or is it just a strategy credit that we are reading too much into? Listen to it here.

Slack Follow-up, The WeChat Platform, Uber and Facebook Messenger

More on Slack’s platform opportunity, which can be compared to what WeChat has already accomplished in China. That said, the fact way that China is truly mobile-first means that it’s likely that no one — including Facebook Messenger — will fully imitate WeChat’s model.

Craig Federighi on Swift, Taylor Swift’s 1989 on Apple Music

John Gruber’s interview with Craig Federighi is an excellent opportunity to explore exactly why Swift is such a big deal. Then, Taylor Swift has an exclusive with Apple Music for the video of her 1989 concert.