Antitrust and Aggregation

The European Commission’s antitrust case against Google is likely to be the first of many against aggregators, because the end game of Aggregation Theory is monopoly.

Prince, Bowie, and BeyoncĂ©; Google’s Margin Squeeze; Microsoft’s Miss

Prince and David Bowie both understood the Internet, but took drastically different approaches. Then, Google’s business is fine, but it has almost certainly peaked, and the company could learn something from Microsoft about managing expectations.

Services and Apple’s Strategy, The Power of a P&L, Intel Restructures

First, a follow-up on Apple’s Organizational Crossroads including why a focus on services could make more strategic sense than one might think, and why P&L responsibility can be a powerful tool. Then, Intel is restructuring in the face of increased margin pressure and in pursuit of a vision that is, from the company’s perspective, more radical than it may appear.

Apple’s Organizational Crossroads

A core part of what makes Apple Apple is its organization structure; Tim Cook has said it will never change. However, if Apple is serious about being a services company, change it must.

The Problem with Facebook’s Ten-Year Plan, Is BuzzFeed Struggling?

Facebook’s (in my opinion) misguided attempt to own both public and private social was not the only thing that concerned me about the F8 keynote; I am also skeptical of the 10-year plan. Then, BuzzFeed may have some concerning numbers, but I think there is a good reason: the company is changing its business model.

Facebook, Phones, and Phonebooks

There are two types of social networks, and Facebook wants to be both. The problem is that the company already chose public sharing over private communication.