Apple Should Buy Netflix

The fact Apple’s ‘TV’ app doesn’t have Netflix shows who has the leverage; Apple should just buy in.

Surface Studio, Nintendo Switch, and Niche Strategies

Microsoft’s Surface Studio and Nintendo’s Switch are exciting products because unlike previous failures, they start with the assumption that smartphones matter most

Apple Earnings, The End of Google Fiber

Apple reports solid earnings with good news for the iPhone, while Google pulls the plug on Fiber.

Exponent Podcast: The Disruption of Everything

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss The IT Era and the Internet Revolution. Listen to it here.

The IT Era and the Internet Revolution

The history of technology is of two distinct eras: information technology enhanced existing business. The Internet revolution is destroying them.

Netflix Earnings, The Apple Car Reset

Netflix had a good quarter, but even more important is that the company continues to exemplify aggregation theory. Then, the Apple Car is getting a reset; this may be the beginning of the end.