[FREE Daily Update] “Light Touch”, Cable, and DSL; The Broadband Tradeoff; The Importance of Antitrust

Today’s Daily Update, which follows up on Pro-Neutrality, Anti-Title II, is free for everyone.

This update:

  • Discusses the two types of regulation (ex-ante and ex-post) and why it’s worth trying ex-post first
  • Explains what I meant by “light touch”, specifically the rollout of cable broadband and how it differed from DSL
  • Explores the tradeoffs necessary to encourage broadband investment, and why they are so critical to society
  • Ties together the need for stronger antitrust enforcement with the risk of letting ISPs be reclassified
  • Pleads for more consideration of trade-offs and less reduction of complex issues to good versus evil

You can read this Daily Update for free here.