Sharp Tech and Stratechery Plus

I am excited to announce both a new podcast and a substantial expansion in the value of a Stratechery subscription. We’ll start with the podcast:

Sharp Tech with Ben Thompson

Sharp Tech with Ben Thompson is a new podcast from Andrew Sharp and myself about how technology works, and the ways it is impacting the world. We will publish one free episode weekly, and there are already six episodes in the catalog:

In addition, there will be a weekly subscriber-only episode that will be built on listener questions and feedback; the first paid episode dropped yesterday. You can get Sharp Tech for Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or the podcast player of your choice by loging in at the Sharp Tech website, or search for it in Spotify.

Here is the good news: Sharp Tech Premium is included with a Stratechery subscription.

That leads to today’s second announcement: the Stratechery Daily Update subscription is transforming into Stratechery Plus:

Stratechery Plus

Stratechery Plus is the same $12/month or $120/year price as the Stratechery Update, but it is now expanded to include not just the Stratechery Update and Stratechery Interviews but also Dithering and Sharp Tech.

Stratechery Plus includes the Stratechery Update, Stratechery Interviews, Sharp Tech, and Dithering

The Stratechery Update consists of substantial analysis of the news of the day delivered via three weekly emails or podcasts (including free bi-weekly Stratechery Articles). If you enjoy Stratechery Articles you will love the Stratechery Update.

Stratechery Interviews include interviews with leading public CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg, Jensen Huang, and Satya Nadella; the Founder Series with private company founders like Parker Conrad, Laura Behrens Wu, and Shishir Mehrotra; and discussions with fellow analysts like Eric Seufert, Matthew Ball, and Bill Bishop.

Dithering is a twice-weekly podcast from Daring Fireball’s John Gruber and myself: 15 minutes an episode, not a minute less, not a minute more. Dithering, which costs $5/month, was previously available as a $3 add-on for Stratechery subscribers; now it is available to all Stratechery subscribers. You can get Dithering for Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or the podcast player of your choice by logging in at the Dithering website.

This is, I hope, only the beginning for Stratechery Plus. Right now the content is obviously very Ben-centric, but my hope is to expand the offering over time. For now, I am delighted to be doing my part to make Stratechery more valuable than ever.