Code University 2018

Here is a video of the talk I delivered at the 2018 Code Conference about Aggregators Versus Platforms:

Here are a selection of articles about the topics discussed, and links to more:

Aggregation Theory

Aggregation Theory

The disruption caused by the Internet in industry after industry has a common theoretical basis described by Aggregation Theory.

Defining Aggregators

A precise definition of the characteristics of aggregators, and a classification system based on suppliers. Plus, how to think about aggregator regulation.

The FANG Playbook

The FANG companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google — are far more similar than you might think. Their rise in value is no accident, and it is connected to Aggregation Theory.

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Aggregators Versus Platforms

The Bill Gates Line

Understanding the differences between aggregators and platforms matters for companies interacting with them and also regulators considering antitrust.

The Moat Map

The Moat Map describes the correlation between the degree of supplier differentiation and the externalization (or internalization) of a company’s network effect.

Tech’s Two Philosophies

Google and Facebook represent one philosophy, and Microsoft and Apple represent another; tech needs both, but ultimately platforms are more important than aggregators.


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