Amazon Continued and the Role of Journalism, Three Streaming Developments: HBO, Amazon Prime, and ESPN

The Amazon story continues, and it is striking how there is zero common ground between people who work in tech and the journalists who cover it. Will this mark a shift in the relationship? Plus, what HBO’s Sesame Street deal, Amazon’s Top Gear deal, and NBC’s Premier League deal say about the future of streaming.

The Funnel Framework

The Internet has removed scarcity, meaning business models based on controlling distribution are no longer viable. Instead, the key to success is controlling access to the best customers — and that means being the best.

Daily Update: Understanding TV Unbundling, The Dying Appeal of Undifferentiated Content, The Special Case of HBO

Good morning, Over the weekend BuzzFeed reinstated the Dove article and editor-in-chief Ben Smith apologized internally. Smith reiterated that the post was not pulled because of pressure from advertisers, and from what I understand, Dove hasn’t advertised on BuzzFeed for over a year (and I wasn’t able to easily find other Unilever advertising). So perhapsReading […]