What podcast player do you recommend?

If you don’t have a favorite podcast player, then Stratechery recommends Overcast. All Stratechery Podcasts include a tokenized link so you can see the original post; however, we also embed relevant images as show art. Overcast is the only client that fully displays all of these various parts.

Application Chapter Support Intra-Chapter Image Support
Overcast Yes Yes
Apple Podcasts Yes No
Pocket Casts Yes Yes
Downcast Yes No
Spotify No No
Google Podcasts No No
Castbox No No
Player FM (Android) No images No
Podcast Addict (Android) Yes Partial
  • Chapter Support: Does this podcast player allow you to jump to different sections of the Stratechery post, and display the appropriate image for that section?
  • Intra-Chapter Image Support: Does this podcast player show images at different points in the podcast as specified by Stratechery, whether or not those images correspond to chapters?

That noted, the audio works the same everywhere, so there is no need to switch from your favorite podcast player.

If you still aren’t sure, you can always just use Apple Podcasts on iOS (which is pre-installed), or simply tap the ‘Android’ link which will show what podcast apps you have on your Android phone.