Stratechery Podcasts

You can add Stratechery podcasts to your favorite podcast app.

On iOS, just click on the app you use to play podcasts, and follow the prompts to add the Daily Update podcast.

On Android, ensure you have a 3rd-party podcast player installed1 and click the Android button.

Listen on your phone, tablet, or computer, or read in your RSS reader.

Add Stratechery podcasts to your phone

1. Choose your favorite podcast app
2. Scan this QR code with your phone’s camera
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– OR –

Enter your mobile phone number to receive a link to this page

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Add Stratechery Podcasts to Another App or RSS Reader

The Stratechery Podcasts feed includes not only podcasts, but also the entire text of the associated post. You can use this link for podcast players not listed here, or in your RSS reader.

Add the Daily Update to another app or RSS reader:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Stratechery Podcasts are audio versions of Stratechery posts. The content is the exact same as the Daily Update on or that you receive via email, but now you can listen to it in your favorite podcast player.

Stratechery now also supports Dithering, a new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber. You can buy Stratechery and Dithering subscriptions as a bundle, or individually.

Free subscriptions receive free posts from Stratechery; with one click you can upgrade to a full Stratechery subscription or Dithering, without needing to add a new feed.

Yes, please click on the Dithering show art above to add a feed for Dithering.

When the Stratechery + Dithering bundle launched, both shows were in the same feed. We have since separated Stratechery and Dithering into separate feeds. Please add the Dithering feed on the Podcast Management page.

Yes. Just click the button to upgrade and you will receive credit for your remaining monthly subscription and switched to an annual plan immediately.

If you are a Stratechery annual subscriber and a Dithering monthly subscriber, and wish to upgrade to Dithering annual, please contact us.

The way that my current membership service works is that it restarts your annual subscription from the day you upgrade at the new price (while giving you a prorated credit for your plan to-date). This may result in a price >$30, but also an extension of your plan into the future.

We know this isn’t ideal and are working to rectify it.

If you have a corporate subscription to Stratechery and would like to subscribe to Dithering, choose the Dithering Monthly or Dithering Annual subscription plan. Do not choose a Bundle plan.

No, you can use the podcast player you already have. Stratechery Podcasts follow the same principles as the Stratechery Emails: you already check your email every day, so Stratechery Emails meet you where you are. Stratechery Podcasts are the exact same for those of you that prefer to consumer content via audio.

If you use Android, do not use any of the app-specific buttons; simply use the ‘Android’ button. Android will help you choose your preferred podcast player (frankly, this is a much better approach than iOS!).

You do need to have a 3rd-party podcast player installed; Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict are two good options. Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher do not work as they do not support the open podcast ecosystem.

Unfortunately Apple has severely limited the ability to share cookies between Safari and app webviews. You can either click the ‘Safari’ button in your webview or log-in (at which point you will stay logged in).

Stratechery Podcasts are based on RSS, and include the full formatted text of the associated post. That means you can use the Stratechery Podcasts feed in your RSS Reader and consume Stratechery Podcasts via RSS. Please note that this the only way to read Stratechery Podcasts via RSS; previous member-only RSS feeds are deprecated.

This is a limitation of Chrome on iOS. Please open the podcast page in Safari to add via app button.

It’s easy: just visit the Daily Update subscription management page and subscribe; your feed will be upgraded immediately. There is no need to re-add the feed.

Stratechery Podcasts are simply the Stratechery posts read aloud; that means they cannot be created, edited, and uploaded until the Stratechery post is finished.

Stratechery Podcasts are for individual subscribers only. If you do share your Stratechery Podcasts feed broadly, your member-only link may be reset. If you are interested in additional subscriptions to Stratechery, please visit the membership page.

If you don’t have a favorite podcast player, then Stratechery recommends Overcast. All Stratechery Podcasts include a tokenized link so you can see the original post; however, we also embed relevant images as show art. Overcast is the only client that fully displays all of these various parts.

Application Chapter Support Intra-Chapter Image Support
Overcast Yes Yes
Apple Podcasts Yes No
Pocket Casts Yes Yes
Downcast Yes No
Spotify No No
Google Podcasts No No
Castbox No No
Player FM (Android) No images No
Podcast Addict (Android) Yes Partial
  • Chapter Support: Does this podcast player allow you to jump to different sections of the Stratechery post, and display the appropriate image for that section?
  • Intra-Chapter Image Support: Does this podcast player show images at different points in the podcast as specified by Stratechery, whether or not those images correspond to chapters?

That noted, the audio works the same everywhere, so there is no need to switch from your favorite podcast player.

If you still aren’t sure, you can always just use Apple Podcasts on iOS (which is pre-installed), or simply tap the ‘Android’ link which will show what podcast apps you have on your Android phone.

  1. Google Podcasts will not work for reasons explained here; Pocket Casts and Podcast Addict are good options.