Podcast: Exponent 040 – BuzzFeed and Amazon

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss BuzzFeed in the context of the Brother Orange story, the discuss Amazon’s Dash Button and Home Services initiative, along with a dive into the technical details of Amazon’s balance sheet (sorry, it’s a bit […]

Does Jeff Bezos Read Asymco?

Horace Dediu has an absolutely essential post on the taxonomy of innovation: The definition of innovation is easy to find but it’s one thing to read the definition and another to understand its meaning. Rather than defining it again, I propose using a simple taxonomy of related activities that put it in context. Novelty: Something […]

Microsoft v Microsoft

In his first column for the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo advocated relying on Apple, Google, and Amazon: When you decide what to use, you’ve got to play every tech giant against the other, to make every tech decision as if you were a cad — sample every firm’s best features and never overcommit to […]

Amazon Reportedly Acquires Siri-Like Evi App

Techcrunch: When Siri arrived on the iPhone 4S it seemed like a magic piece of software. The future had arrived. But it wasn’t alone. True Knowledge, a British startup with a natural language search engine developed in university labs, had been working out what to do next. Siri was the ‘boom’ moment. They licensed Nuance’s […]