Apple’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Both Apple’s strengths and weaknesses were on full display at its annual WWDC keynote; the HomePod is a perfect example.

Microsoft Build, iTunes on the Windows Store

Satya Nadella sketched a new vision at Microsoft Build, but the company has yet to replace the Windows engine. Then, Microsoft (likely) compromises to get iTunes into the Windows Store.

Apple Earnings, Fitbit Earnings, Nintendo Earnings

Apple’s earnings showed slowing growth but a seemingly impenetrable moat; Fitbit, meanwhile, is in very bad shape, while Nintendo is learning harsh truths about the smartphone market

The Amazon Tax

Amazon is building a lot of businesses that look like AWS: taxes on major industries that work to everyone’s benefit. The reason, though, is that AWS is a lot like Amazon itself.

Apple Scales Back iAds, The Apple News Mess

Apples struggles with iAd and confusion around Apple News spring from the same place: these are businesses that Apple is not set up to excel in, and the sooner they retrench, the better.

Selling Feelings

Distribution being free may have ruined old business models, but it allows businesses to get much closer to their customers and make money by meeting needs.