American Girl, Minecraft, and the Next Generation of Builders (Daily Update Sample)

While full-length articles on Stratechery are free, I also offer the Daily Update for $10/month and $100/year. Each day I write at varying lengths about 2~3 topics of the day, delivered to your inbox, private RSS feed, or via direct link on the right side of this page. The following is a sample of a […]

Podcasts: Exponent Episode 010 – Clap on Three; This Week in Tech – Netflix Thinks I’m a Bronie

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this episode we discuss feedback about Uber and pricing, then talk about Ben’s recent articles on Microsoft and Apple/IBM. Ben Thompson: It’s Time to Split Up Microsoft – Stratechery Ben Thompson: Big Blue and Apple’s Soul – Stratechery (Note: We recorded […]

Announcing Volume Discounts + The Week in Daily Updates (Week 4)

I am pleased to announce that you can now purchase and manage multiple licenses for the Stratechery Daily Update (or Update & Access): There is a 10% per-license discount for 2 or more licenses These accounts may be set up and managed centrally or on an individual basis Volume licenses are only available on an […]

Microsoft Pursuing Original Content for Xbox

Another follow-up to my piece on TV, this time having to do with Microsoft. From Bloomberg: Microsoft Corp. is going Hollywood with a cast including comedians Sarah Silverman and Seth Green, aspiring World Cup players and eerily human robots. All are involved in shows that Microsoft’s new Xbox television studio plans to roll out globally […]

Is the Irreplaceable Excel in Trouble?

An analyst at R.W. Baird has a report out claiming that Tableau is a threat to replace Excel: Shares of data visualization software maker Tableau (DATA) are up $2.74, or 3.6%, at $78.82, after R.W. Baird’s Steven Ashley raised his rating on the shares to Outperform from Neutral, with a $95 price target, writing that […]

Microsoft v Microsoft

In his first column for the New York Times, Farhad Manjoo advocated relying on Apple, Google, and Amazon: When you decide what to use, you’ve got to play every tech giant against the other, to make every tech decision as if you were a cad — sample every firm’s best features and never overcommit to […]


Microsoft is selling Scroogled gear. From The Verge: Microsoft’s anti-Google “Scroogled” campaign has been quietly attempting to convince consumers to avoid Google services for the past few months, but it’s back today with a vengeance. Microsoft has dedicated an entire section of its online store to selling anti-Google mugs, hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. The prices […]

Microsoft kills stack ranking

The Verge: Microsoft is killing off its controversial stack-ranking system today.1 While it could be viewed as an internal change that won’t affect consumers directly, it will have a broad effect on current and future Microsoft employees that may just shape the future of the company. For years Microsoft has used a technique, stack ranking, […]

Steve Jobs at Macworld Boston in 1997

The keynote for Macworld Boston, August 6, 1997, was pretty bizarre by today’s standards. The first speaker was Colin Crawford, President and CEO of Mac Publications for IDG, who put on the conference. He proceeded to recount all of the dire headlines surrounding Apple. This made an appearance: It wasn’t pretty. Jobs was next. Gil […]