The iPhone in India (versus China), and the Week in Daily Updates

This week’s Daily Updates have had a heavy international focus, especially on China but also India. This particular update is from this morning and seeks to understand why Apple fares so differently in these two critical markets. To read all of the Daily Updates for $10/month or $100/year, please visit the membership page. Bloomberg writes […]

WSJ: Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan

Oh boy. Where to start? I suppose at the beginning: In the past two years, Japan has emerged as Apple’s fastest-growing region, far outpacing its home market and the booming economies of Greater China and the rest of Asia. Japan is also home to Apple’s biggest profit margins, and the only one of Apple’s five […]

Asha to Asha

Nokia released two phones last week: one critically important called the Asha 501, and one simply iterative called the Lumia 925. Techmeme, at least, got the relative importance exactly backwards: Not to blame Techmeme; few if any of their readers were the target market for the Asha 501, while the Lumia 925 is squarely aimed […]

The Visual Case for a Low-Cost iPhone

Yesterday Horace Dediu posted this very interesting chart showing the average revenue per mobile-cellular subscription in 2010 by country: Average revenue per mobile-cellular subscription in 2010 by country. Would love to have more than 60 countries. — Horace Dediu (@asymco) April 21, 2013 I combined this data with browser share data from StatCounter. Countries […]

Strategy 101 and the Wall Street Journal: A Fisking

The Wall Street Journal has 531 words in a news item about Apple’s plans to start production on a new iPhone in the second quarter. 155 of the words are useful:1 Apple Inc plans to begin production of a refreshed iPhone similar in size and shape to its current one in the second quarter of […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 to cost $249.99 on AT&T

The Verge: AT&T has announced availability and pricing for the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. Customers will be able to preorder the Galaxy S4 starting on April 16th for $249.99 with a new two-year agreement. The carrier claims to be the first to offer the GS4 in the US, though Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and other […]