The Technology Behind Android TV

Here is an interesting follow-up to my piece yesterday about the various tech giants’ Black Box Strategy. From GigaOM, on The Technology Behind Android TV: To understand Google’s new take on smart TVs, it’s worth considering how consumers experience apps on smart TVs and connected devices today. On most devices, app makers have autonomy (for […]

Additional Notes on TV

This is a follow-up to my three-part series on TV: Part 1: The Cord-Cutting Fantasy. Getting only the content you want without paying for everything is a fantasy. Pay TV is socialism that works. Part 2: Why TV has resisted disruption. Great content is differentiated, has high barriers to entry, and depends on networks. Part […]

Steve Jobs on television

I’ve written two pieces this week on television, with the intent of exploring what changes, if any, may be coming: The cord-cutting fantasy examined why cutting the cord yet keeping the shows you watch (i.e. unbundling) is unrealistic. Why TV has resisted disruption explored the strategic reasons why TV remains strong I’m working on Part […]