The Week in Daily Updates (Week 3)

The main page content on Stratechery is free for all readers, but I also offer the Daily Update via email and RSS for $10 per month/$100 per year.1 This is a selection of items that were sent out in this week’s Daily Updates. To sign up, visit the Membership page Apple Loses Patent Suit Posted […]

What’s Actually Wrong with Yahoo’s Purchase of Summly

Emin Gün Sirer: So, Yahoo is in the news for buying Summly. Summly is a company that extracts summaries of natural language text, a TL;DR of sorts. Summly licensed its core technology from SRI, which, previously, spun out Siri and sold it to Apple. Summly had 5 engineers, only 2 of whom will be moving […]

The Marissa Mayer Turnaround

Jean-Louis Gassée: Mayer did what leaders do: She made a decision that made some people unhappy in order to achieve success for the whole enterprise (toned-up employees and shareholders). After seeing Yahoo! lose altitude year after year, the criticism leveled at Mayer makes me optimistic about the company’s future: Mayer’s treatment hurts where it needs […]

Yahoo! buying …

Kara Swisher, with YAYL (Yet-Another-Yahoo-Leak): When Reses — who also wears another corporate hat as head of M&A at Yahoo — spoke she mentioned to the crowd that Yahoo was working on two “significant” acquisitions and about six smaller talent “acqhires.” … While making changes to Yahoo’s homepage and email, as well as cutting products, […]