My Dithering episodes disappeared

When the Stratechery + Dithering bundle launched, both shows were in the same feed. We have since separated Stratechery and Dithering into separate feeds. Please add the Dithering feed on the Podcast Management page.

My Dithering feed switched to a Stratechery feed

When Dithering launched, it was a part of the same feed as Stratechery; we separated Dithering and Stratechery into two feeds shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, if you subscribed to Dithering in that time period, and later add Stratechery, your feed switched, and you need to re-add Dithering as a separate feed. We apologize for the trouble, […]

I’m switching to an annual bundle and being charged > $30

The way that my current membership service works is that it restarts your annual subscription from the day you upgrade at the new price (while giving you a prorated credit for your plan to-date). This may result in a price >$30, but also an extension of your plan into the future. We know this isn’t […]

Can I upgrade from monthly to annual plans?

Yes. Just click the button to upgrade and you will receive credit for your remaining monthly subscription and switched to an annual plan immediately. If you are a Stratechery annual subscriber and a Dithering monthly subscriber, and wish to upgrade to Dithering annual, please contact us.