What is Dithering?

Dithering is a new podcast from Ben Thompson and John Gruber. Dithering normally costs $5/month or $50/year, but you can bundle it with your Stratechery subscription for a lower price.

Do you offer a student discount?

Stratechery is purposely kept at a low price — thousands of dollars less than other analyst reports or newsletters — to ensure it is accessible to everyone, including students.

I can’t purchase/login.

Check the security setting of your browser: if you have disabled 3rd-party cookies then Stratechery’s membership software won’t work. Either use another browser or change your setting; after you register/login you can change the setting back for a good long while.

Can I switch to an annual plan?

Yes! Just go to your account page and select the annual plan. You will be charged immediately, and your plan will be extended a year from your existing expiration date (for example, if your monthly plan is set to expire on March 31, and you switch to an annual plan on March 15, your expiration […]

How do I subscribe to Stratechery Podcasts?

Once you are subscribed, please visit the Stratechery Podcasts page where you will find easy-to-follow instructions for adding Stratechery Podcasts to your favorite podcast player. Phone/Tablet: From computer to phone: Computer: RSS:

Can I share the Daily Update with a friend?

No, the Daily Update and Daily Update Podcast are intended for one subscriber only. Sharing emails, using shared inboxes, or sharing RSS feeds is a violation of Stratechery’s Terms of Service, and your account may be suspended or your RSS feed reset. Of course occasional forwarding of the Daily Update to interested friends or colleagues […]