The Mobile Epoch

Mobile took technology from the desk to every part of life. Beyond the iPhone Apple’s event may have been lacking on the surface, but it laid the groundwork for innovations that will be revealed in time. And yes, it was courageous. Digital Hub 2.0 The PC was famously the digital hub; now that is the […]

The Social Epoch

Humans love to communicate; that makes social the dominant technology of this epoch. The Facebook Epoch First came the PC, and on top of the PC the Internet. Then, mobile, but what will rule mobile? Facebook, Phones, and Phonebooks There are two types of social networks, and Facebook wants to be both. The problem is […]

The Future

To figure out the future, first understand the structures being built — and destroyed — today. The Great Bifurcation Tracing the evolution of tech’s three eras, and why the fourth era — the Metaverse — is defined by its bifurcation with the physical world. The Death and Birth of Technological Revolutions Carlota Perez documents technological […]


To understand where technology is going, it is helpful to know where it has been. The End of the Beginning The beginning of technology was about the shift from batched computing in one place to continuous computing everywhere. That era of paradigm changes may be over, which means the real changes are only beginning. IBM’s […]