Value Chains

The Samsung Galaxy 4 reviews should be rolling in shortly. They will recount the screen, processor, camera, face detection tech — every speed and feed there is will be dissected, discussed, and scored. Said features will be compared, first to the recently released HTC One, and most certainly to the iPhone 5. And most of […]

First targeted attack to use Android malware discovered

Ars Technica: On March 25, the e-mail account of a Tibetan activist was hacked and then used to distribute Android malware to the activist’s contact list. The e-mail’s lure was a statement on the recent conference organized by the World Uyghur Congress that brought together Chinese democracy activists and Tibet, Southern Mongolia, and East Turkestan human […]

Did China Just Declare War On Apple?

Gordon Chang, Forbes contributor:1 Is Beijing beginning a campaign against Apple? The best way to avoid attention on 3.15 is to advertise on CCTV, so perhaps there is a simple explanation for this year’s attack on the brand: the broadcaster was giving the company a powerful incentive to purchase ad time on its channels. Unfortunately, […]

How Twitter changes Wall Street research

Kit Juckes: The tightening up of standards and rules surrounding research published by investment banks, has left a gap which social media are filling enthusiastically. A traditional research note on the impact of events in Cyprus this weekend can’t clear compliance much before 9 a.m on Monday morning, too late for markets in search of […]

The Marissa Mayer Turnaround

Jean-Louis Gassée: Mayer did what leaders do: She made a decision that made some people unhappy in order to achieve success for the whole enterprise (toned-up employees and shareholders). After seeing Yahoo! lose altitude year after year, the criticism leveled at Mayer makes me optimistic about the company’s future: Mayer’s treatment hurts where it needs […]

Welcome to Stratechery

I don’t know much about sailing. So perhaps it’s not the best analogy with which to launch this blog. But here goes… A simple image. Two boats, and a big ocean. Perhaps it’s a race, and one boat is winning — until it isn’t, of course. Rest assured there is breathless coverage of every twist […]

FAA to allow reading devices during takeoff

Marco Arment: Any progress would be nice, but this is a weird distinction: “reading devices” are OK, but phones aren’t? The huge-phone/small-tablet markets are converging as we speak. Are 5-inch “phablets” considered phones or reading devices?

Embrace, Extend, Extinguish, Google-style

Ed Bott nails what really happened with Google Reader: The short life and sad death of Google Reader tells a familiar story of how Google swept in to a crowded field, killed off almost all credible competition with a free product, and then arbitrarily killed that product when it no longer had a use for […]

Web second, mobile first

Mark Suster: Pinterest seems to have conquered the “normals” before it captured the attention of the tech elite. Perhaps that should be a lesson to us all to think more broadly than our echo chamber? To think about how the masses use computing devices in 2012? This article has the seeds of many of the […]

Hey! You! Get off of Google’s cloud!

Jack Shafer: Having survived being sacked by Google, I still don’t think most users have learned the requisite lessons. Try thinking of Reader as a remarkable gift from Google to consumers, as one economist did a few years ago; he wildly guesstimated it was worth $1 billion to users, with their only investment being the […]