WWDC Predictions

I’ve written two significant pieces about what I expect at WWDC.

  • Jony Ive is not a Graphic Designer link

As with most such debates, “skeuomorphism” versus “flat” is devoid of crucial context. When the iPhone came out, nobody used touch devices. The signaling benefits of skeuomorphism were very useful, especially since most iPhone buyers were buying their first iPhone.

Today, as the premium smartphone market moves towards saturation, an increasing portion of iPhone users are buying their second device. The context is changing. And, likely, so is iOS.

  • My Apple TV Prediction link

I think at WWDC Apple will announce an SDK for the current Apple TV, the control method will be an iOS device, and in the fall, Apple will launch an upgraded model that supports an optional wireless controller.

The entertainment options will be unchanged: no channel guide, no pass through, no DVR functionality. Apple will instead focus on stealing more and more attention away from pay-TV until the content owners are as desperate as the music companies were a decade ago.