T-Mobile Ends Employer Discounts

Engadget frames T-Mobile’s latest move as a cost-saving measure: Over the past year, T-Mobile’s new policies have ushered in a new wave of changes to the way the US wireless industry works. It was the first national operator to introduce phone-financing plans, early upgrades and free international roaming; additionally, it also offers to pay your […]

Box, Microsoft, and the Next Enterprise Platform

Let’s get one thing out of the way: there is nothing about Box’s S-1 filing that suggests tech is in a bubble. Indeed, the fact Aaron Levie and company are not yet profitable is a good thing. To understand why, you must read Should Startups Focus on Profitability or Not by VC Mark Suster: There […]

Face Is Not the Future

There is certain logic to any Facebook acquisition given the current stock price. The current market valuation of $156 billion implies significant revenue growth on an annual basis far greater than simply converting desktop revenue streams to mobile ones; if you assume the stock price will decrease in the future, then making largely stock-based purchases […]

Newspapers Are Dead; Long Live Journalism

The fundamental economic model of newspapers is broken; for journalism to survive, new business models must be found.

The Stages of Newspapers’ Decline

The second-most common objection to FiveThirtyEight and the End of Average was along these lines: Love 100% of @stratechery posts but this one off: forgets to segment market. Many don't care about "quality" news http://t.co/KnSmNgZbS2 — Rich Yudhishthu (@yudhishthu) March 17, 2014 That’s very true; those same people – and there are a lot of […]

FiveThirtyEight and the End of Average

Just a few minutes ago, Nate Silver’s new FiveThirtyEight site launched. While it’s not known how much ESPN is paying Silver, it’s certainly a substantial amount, especially when you consider 20% of visitors to the New York Times stopped by Silver’s blog. Silver’s FiveThirtyEight is one of a growing number of personality-driven sites and blogs, […]

Samsung’s Disappearing Differentiation

Earlier this week Samsung, and I’m quoting the headline of the press release, “Unveil[ed] Comprehensive, Lifestyle-Focused Galaxy Gifts Package for Next Generation Galaxy S5”: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced its collaboration with 16 of the world’s leading mobile content and service providers to offer Galaxy S5 users more than $600 worth of exclusive, pre-paid […]

Digital Hub 2.0

The PC was famously the digital hub; now that is the smartphone.

How much will CarPlay cost?

Wes Miller has a useful summary of CarPlay: In short, Apple hasn’t done a complete end around of the OEM – the automaker can still have their own UI for their own in-car functions, and then Apple’s distinct CarPlay UI (very familiar to anyone who has used iOS 7) is there when you’re “in CarPlay”, […]

The Cost of Bitcoin

Putting aside the particulars of Bitcoin, the potential it represents is absolutely a very big deal. As I’ve written multiple times on Stratechery, the defining characteristic of anything digital is its zero marginal cost. Take apps for example: What makes the software market so fascinating from an economic perspective is that the marginal cost of […]