Don’t Blame Uber

At the risk of painting too broad a stroke, it seems to me that much of the opposition to changes wrought by the Internet undervalue the positive impact said changes have on normal people. For example, people despair over newspapers closing without appreciating the explosion in quality content freely available to anyone anywhere in the […]

Podcast: Exponent Episode 018 – Agree to Disagree

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode Ben explains why he has changed his mind about Apple Watch. James is not convinced. We go on for a while. Links Ben Thompson: What I Got Wrong About Apple Watch – Stratechery John Gruber: Apple Watch: Initial […]

Daily Update: Uber, Contract Workers, and Driver Power; Alibaba Raises $21.8 Billion; Larry Ellison Takes Care of Larry Ellison

Good morning, The iPhone goes on sell today, and there are lines all over. Many suspect the lines are longer due to resellers looking to take advantage of Apple’s China delay, but at least one of the licensing obstacles to the iPhone going on well was removed yesterday. Several folks have asked me if theSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Amazon’s New Devices, Sony Gets Crushed, Apple Takes Aim on Google

2014-09-18 Good morning, From my email, it seems like my post yesterday about Apple Watch surprised a few of you (please check out the full piece on Stratechery, as it differed from yesterday’s email in a few key areas). I don’t like changing my mind, but I hate being wrong more, and I changed mySubscribe […]

What I Got Wrong About Apple Watch

While I stand by last week’s opinion that the Watch presentation was poor, I’ve somehow, at least in my little corner of the Internet, become the face of people who don’t believe in Apple Watch at all. The biggest problem with that view is that I’m actually a big believer in the category, having written […]

Daily Update: American Girl, Minecraft, and the Next Generation of Builders; The Panasonic Cameraphone; China’s Antitrust Crusade

Good morning, I wrote yesterday that I thought the Minecraft acquisition made a lot of sense for Microsoft both from a financial point-of-view – given it’s engagement numbers, I think Minecraft has a lot of latent revenue opportunities – but also from a strategic point-of-view. It’s a natural fit with where Satya Nadella wants toSubscribe […]

Microsoft’s Good (and Potentially Great) Minecraft Acquisition

It’s difficult to overstate what a big deal Minecraft is. It’s the third best-selling game of all time behind Tetris and Wii Sports, and unlike the latter especially, it is a remarkably sticky experience: the vast majority of customers (over 90 percent on PC, according to Microsoft) sign in every single month. Were Microsoft to […]

Daily Update: Google Launches Android One in India, Good News on Patents, Apple’s Payment Strategy

Good morning, I hope you had a pleasant and relaxing weekend! Google launched Android One this week, and there are more rumors that Microsoft will indeed buy Mojang. More on that if it happens. On to the update: Google Launches Android One in India Google first announced Android One at this year’s Google I/O, promisingSubscribe […]