Daily Update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins, Twitter Fabric, Mark Zuckerberg 講中文

Good morning, I have to admit, after writing yesterday’s posts on IBM and Google, and recording an episode of Exponent earlier today (it will be posted tomorrow), I’m a bit zonked. Let me get a cup of coffee… OK, I’m back. On to the update: Peak Google and Disruption’s Cousins I posted a piece lateSubscribe […]

Peak Google

Despite the hype about disruption, the truth is most tech giants, particularly platform providers, are not so much displaced as they are eclipsed. IBM, for example, has been successfully selling and servicing mainframes for going on 50 years (although they are now in serious trouble (members-only)). During the PC era, though, they were eclipsed by […]

Daily Update: Apple Earning, Apple Pay Launches

Good morning, I’m finally set up in the new place, albeit a couple of hours late. Thanks again for your patience both yesterday and today. I look forward to getting back up to speed. Today I’m focusing on Apple’s earnings and the Apple Pay rollout; I’ll catch up on some other items tomorrow, including IBM.Subscribe […]

Podcast: Exponent Episode 021 – Gamergate of Thrones

On the newest episode of Exponent, the podcast I co-host with James Allworth: In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss why Ben thinks the Internet is totally overreacting to HBO’s announcement that they will sell subscriptions directly to customers, and then delve into what might be the underlying motivations behind Gamergate. Links Ben Thompson: […]

Daily Update: Apple’s October Event – Why It Impressed, Notes and Observations

Good morning, I’m working on the HBO piece, but given that I’m moving house this weekend (Ugh!) I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it out today. However, we do cover the topic on the next episode of Exponent, which will be out in a few hours. While today’s update is focused onSubscribe […]

The Diminished iPad

Something very strange is happening this week: there is an Apple event, and very few people – including myself – are particularly jazzed up about it. Oh sure, I’ll watch it, and I hope I’m surprised, but there is very little in the rumor mill – a retina iMac, OS X Yosemite, and the iPad […]

Daily Update: Hailo Exits North America, Intel Earnings, Macworld Expo is Over

Good morning, I apologize for the lack of pieces on the main Stratechery blog this week; we’re moving house, and it’s all a bit hectic. I should have something up later today. On to the update: Hailo Exits North America One of the most persistent criticisms of Uber has been that it will face anSubscribe […]

Daily Update: More Amazon Bear Signals; Dropbox Hacked, Sort of…; Snapchat Too

Good morning, To the update! More Amazon Bear Signals Earlier this year I detailed why I’ve become an Amazon bear in Losing my Amazon Religion. With regards to Amazon’s convoluted plan to drive e-commerce through original video and the Fire phone I questioned: So what exactly is going on? Why is Amazon building vertical devicesSubscribe […]