Apple Loses E-books Appeal; Apple Music and Antitrust; Producers, Consumers, and Apple

Apple’s E-book case finally came to it’s likely end a few week’s ago; it’s worth reviewing what was at stake in light of recent news that Apple Music could face a similar investigation. Then, if Apple Music will do for musicians what the App Store did for developers, is that a good thing? Plus, why sites are bad and no one is at fault.

The Best Twitter Day Ever, The End of Windows Phone

Something amazing happened on Twitter that really highlighted how unique the service is. It also showed how many product holes remain. Then, Satya Nadella does what needed to be done. That doesn’t make it any less impressive.

Netflix and the Conservation of Attractive Profits

Netflix has a lot more in common with Uber and Airbnb than you might think: it all comes back to the Law of Conservation of Attractive Profits, a core principle of disruption

Airbnb’s Externalities, Sharing and Culture, PayPal Acquires Xoom

Yesterday’s discussion of Airbnb was in part focused on the broader implications of the sharing economy. Truthfully, though, Airbnb deserves more attention for its externalities — it is in many ways more radical than Uber. It’s also not clear it will work in every culture.

Then, a brief discussion of Paypal and Xoom and how different degrees of trust require different types of business models.

Airbnb and the Internet Revolution

Airbnb gets less press than Uber, but in some respects its even more radical: understanding how it works leads one to question many of the premises of modern society from hotels to regulations. It’s an important marker in the Internet Revolution.