Meituan-Dianping Merge in China, Facebook Messenger’s Business Model, Facebook and Teens

China’s O2O market is in the consolidation phase, and the competition is fierce. That, though, helps highlight why an advertising business model is sometimes so attractive, like, for example, the one that Facebook has. Plus, why the “Facebook has a problem with teens” narrative really isn’t a big deal

Exponent Podcast: AWS and Venture Capital

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss Venture Capital and the Internet’s Impact. Listen to it here.

Venture Capital Follow-up, Square Files for IPO, Concerns About Theranos

A follow-up and some much needed specificity to yesterday’s Venture Capital article, then why Square’s IPO may be a better opportunity than it first appears. Plus, there’s concerning news about Theranos, a company with significant potential.

Venture Capital and the Internet’s Impact

Venture Capital has been transformed by a surprising source: Amazon. Ultimately, no industry is safe from the impact of the Internet.

Twitter Suspends Accounts Over GIFs, SnapChat Shuts Down Snap Channel, More on Moments

Twitter suspended a couple of accounts for tweeting sports highlights GIFs. First a bit about the issue at hand, and then a bigger picture look at what this says about Moments, if anything. Then, Snapchat is getting out of original programming, which is a great sign. Finally, what the future of Moments should look like.

Twitter’s Moment

Twitter has had a rough stretch, and most are pessimistic about its chances. I was previously, but I think the upside is looking much brighter than it did before this week.