Apple Scales Back iAds, The Apple News Mess

Apples struggles with iAd and confusion around Apple News spring from the same place: these are businesses that Apple is not set up to excel in, and the sooner they retrench, the better.

Car Follow-up, The Apple Car, Uber’s Financials

Google’s vision for driverless cars fails to take into account the world as it is. and Apple’s car efforts likely have a market for the foreseeable future. Plus a look at Uber’s financials.

Cars and the Future

A massive revolution in cars seems right around the corner. However, I think it will take longer then most technologists think, but when it comes it will come quickly.

Xiaomi’s Struggles, Samsung Hardware Rumors

Xiaomi is struggling to justify its valuation; in fact there have been signs for a long time that their valuation was unrealistic all along. Plus, Samsung returns to hardware differentiation.

Exponent Podcast: Give Some to Get Some

On Exponent, the weekly podcast I host with James Allworth, we discuss A Politics for Technology. Listen to it here.

Netflix Goes Global, iPhone Worry

Netflix’s surprising announcement that the company was extending its service to nearly every country on earth was impressive in its execution, what it said about the company’s strategy, and it raised interesting points about Aggregation Theory and Netflix’s future opportunities. Plus, there is a lot of smoke when it comes to worries about the iPhone.

Twitter 10,000, The Problem with Links, The Business of Expanded Tweets

News leaked yesterday about Twitter’s plans to allow expanded tweets, something that was seemingly confirmed by Jack Dorsey. This is a move that is only natural, but the business implications are perhaps deeper than people have considered.

A Politics For Technology

Technology is changing the world, which means politics should change as well. There is a way forward that entails less regulation and a much bigger safety net.