Announcement: Please Add a Separate Feed for Dithering

This feed will no longer have Stratechery and Dithering episodes; you need to add the Dithering feed separately.

First off, thanks for subscribing to both Stratechery and Dithering.

When you subscribed, we served both podcasts in the same feed, so they showed up in your podcast player together.

We’ve realized that was the wrong approach, and have updated our service, but I need some help from you.

This feed will continue to serve Stratechery episodes (and in some cases may continue to serve Dithering episodes). To update to two feeds, please go to your show notes, and click the “Podcast Management” link. You will be taken to the Stratechery Podcast Management page where you can add the Dithering feed with the touch of a button.

From that point on you will receive Stratechery and Dithering podcasts in separate feeds with separate show art.

My apologies for the inconvenience, and thanks for being a subscriber.

NOTE: This is a re-posting, as the first version had a non-working link.