The Daily Update Podcast

Today Stratechery is launching a new product: the Daily Update Podcast.

What is the Daily Update Podcast?

The Daily Update Podcast is the audio version of the Daily Update. The Daily Update consists of three subscriber-only posts that, in addition to the free Weekly Article, arrive in your inbox every morning. Now, you can not only read the Daily Update via email or the web, you can also choose to listen to the Daily Update (and the Weekly Article) in your favorite podcast player.

Who reads the Daily Update Podcast?

Most days, I will read the Daily Update, with an assist from Daman Rangoola (he reads the blockquotes, to make it easier to follow). If I am traveling or otherwise unable to record, then Daman will record the Daily Update Podcast.

As for who listens to the Daily Update Podcast (which, to be clear, includes the free Weekly Article), it is Daily Update subscribers only.

When does the Daily Update Podcast come out?

The Daily Update podcast will come out a few hours after the Daily Update email. It takes some time to edit the podcast, including adding all of the cool features that make this a particularly unique podcast.

For example, the show notes for every podcast contain the full Daily Update post, so you can easily find links and illustrations. The Daily Update podcast also supports chapters, which correspond to the different sections of the Daily Update or Weekly Article. Plus, some podcast players, like Overcast, show Stratechery illustrations as cover art at precisely the right moments:

Stratechery Daily Update features

And yes, future Stratechery interviews will be more than just transcripts.

Where do I listen to the Daily Update Podcast?

The Daily Update Podcast can be played in any podcast player that supports the open ecosystem of podcasting (unfortunately this does not include Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher; to be very clear, this is not my choice). You can also read the Daily Update in any RSS Reader.

Why did you launch the Daily Update Podcast?

The Daily Update Podcast has been one of the most requested features since I launched the Daily Update. Many subscribers have long commutes and would like to listen to the Daily Update in the car, on the train, or while walking.

How does the Daily Update Podcast work?

Every Daily Update subscriber has access to their own individual feed. Stratechery makes it easy for you to add that feed to your favorite podcast player.

Start by visiting the Daily Update Podcast page.

If you are on your phone or tablet:

  • On iOS, simply tap the icon of your favorite podcast player and follow the prompts:

  • On Android, tap ‘Android’ and choose your preferred player:1

If you are on your PC or Mac, and wish to listen on your phone:

  • Choose your favorite podcast player, then scan the corresponding QR code with your phone’s camera. The Daily Update podcast feed will be added to your chosen player.

  • Or enter your phone number, and Stratechery will text you a link to the Daily Update Podcast page.

If you are on your PC or Mac, and wish to listen there:

  • If you are on macOS Catalina, simply click on the Apple Podcasts icon:

  • If you are older versions of macOS or Windows, simply click on the iTunes icon:

If you have another podcast player, or wish to read the Daily Update in your RSS Reader:

  • Copy your custom URL and paste it into your podcast player or RSS Reader

  • Please note that this will be the only way to read the Stratechery Daily Update via RSS; previous member-only RSS feeds are depracated.

To be very clear, the Daily Update is not going anywhere; after all, it is the source material for the Daily Update Podcast! To that end, you don’t need to subscribe to one or the other — it’s the same content, just in two different forms.

Going forward, there will be a Daily Update Podcast for every Daily Update; for now the feed includes two Weekly Articles and two Daily Updates that demonstrate some of the cool features of the Daily Update Podcast.

I am extremely excited about the Daily Update Podcast: it is a product I have been hoping to launch for a very long time. I want to thank Daman Rangoola for project managing the development of this new feature, my good friends at ModelRocket for building it, and most of all, my subscribers for giving me a reason to get it done.

To learn more about the Stratechery Daily Update, please visit the updated Daily Update page. If you are already a subscriber, you can get started with the Daily Update Podcast here.

  1. Android’s approach is much better than iOS’s!