Stratechery and Thanksgiving

An update on Stratechery and why I’m particularly thankful this Thanksgiving.

Unity, Weta, and Faceless Platforms

Unity’s acquisition of Weta digital makes sense for both sides, and positions Unity to be an essential platform for tech’s future.

ConstitutionDAO, The Need for Trust, Memes and Reality

ConstitutionDAO is an interesting project to buy a physical good as a community; what is particularly interesting is what it says about the power of actualizing memes

Nvidia’s GTC Keynote, The Nvidia Stack, The Omniverse

Nvidia’s can ship so many new things because it is building on a common foundation; then, Nvidia’s Omniverse gives another way of thinking about the Metaverse.

Microsoft and the Metaverse

Defining the Metaverse, and explaining why Microsoft is well-placed for the virtual reality opportunity