Adobe Max, Photoshop on the Web, Photoshop and NFTs

Adobe Max suggested that Adobe is finally starting to build its products as a service, not just selling them that way. Plus, Photoshop on the Web leans into Photoshop’s complexity, and Photoshop’s NFT authenticity feature is compelling.

Amazon Switches?, AWS Versus Azure, Photoshop on iPad

Amazon’s rumored move into Switches is being framed as being about Cisco, but I suspect it’s about Microsoft. Then, Adobe is making Photoshop for iPad, which benefits from subscriptions.

Daily Update: China Approves the iPhone, Photoshop on Chromebooks, Technology = Tobacco

Good morning, False alarm about the Ello post; hopefully it will go up today instead. On to the update: China Approves the iPhone From Reuters: The iPhone 6 will be sold in China from Oct 17, after rigorous regulator scrutiny led to Apple Inc reassuring the Chinese government that the smartphones did not have securitySubscribe […]

Daily Update: Fire Phone Follow-up, T-Mobile Test Drive, Adobe’s New Business Model Part 2

Good morning, I originally planned on avoiding yesterday’s Reuters piece about Apple’s smartwatch mainly because the idea of a 2.5” screen seems absurd (it is noteworthy that the piece included specifics about the manufacturer – Quanta Computer in Taiwan – and timing – production starting in July). Just before sending this update, though, the WallSubscribe […]