Airbnb Christmas Q&A, Airbnb and Flights, Apple-China Follow-up

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky had a Twitter Q&A on Christmas, which is a terrible idea for product development but an interesting insight into the power Airbnb derives from owning users. Might that be applied to flights? Then, more on Apple and China.

Aggregation Theory

The disruption caused by the Internet in industry after industry has a common theoretical basis described by Aggregation Theory.

Airbnb’s Externalities, Sharing and Culture, PayPal Acquires Xoom

Yesterday’s discussion of Airbnb was in part focused on the broader implications of the sharing economy. Truthfully, though, Airbnb deserves more attention for its externalities — it is in many ways more radical than Uber. It’s also not clear it will work in every culture.

Then, a brief discussion of Paypal and Xoom and how different degrees of trust require different types of business models.