Pandemic Progress

Marc Andreessen has changed his tone over the past year; there is a cynical interpretation, but I think the shift is justified.

Publishing is Back to the Future

Journalism cannot afford to be divorced from business realities; that applies to Australia, the New York Times, and even Andreessen Horowitz.

How Tech Can Build

Marc Andreessen has written (another) seminal essay: It’s Time to Build. What does that mean for tech and venture capital?

Zenefits and Regulation

Zenefits fired its CEO after violating a number of regulations, and many people are drawing a connection to Uber. In fact, I think the situations are quite different; understanding why gives a framework for thinking about regulation.

Daily Update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong, How is Slack Worth $1.2 billion?

Good morning, Let’s get to it – on to the update: Getting Xiaomi All Wrong Xiaomi’s financials (it is a private company) were leaked to the Wall Street Journal: A confidential document viewed by The Wall Street Journal shows that Xiaomi’s net profit nearly doubled last year, making it a lucrative business in an industrySubscribe […]