Verizon-AOL, Facebook Instant Articles, and the Future of Digital Advertising

Two seemingly unrelated stores — Verizon buying AOL. and Facebook offering publishers the option of Instant Articles — are actually very much connected: advertising online is undergoing a fundamental shift, and while there will be a few big winners, there will be a lot more losers.

Facebook and the Feed

In a week where much of the Internet was all atwitter about Mobilegeddon, Google’s pre-announced algorithm change that will favor mobile-friendly sites in mobile search results, a potentially far more impactful announcement was much more of a surprise: Facebook is tweaking the News Feed algorithm. This is a big deal for publishers in particular: according […]

Daily Update: Samsung and Qualcomm, AOL: Stuck in the Middle, New York Times Reports Strong Results

Good morning, Thanks for the responses to my Daily Update RSS Usage survey – if you missed it yesterday, I’m exploring options for updating my site, and need to understand how important RSS usage for the Daily Update is to you. On to the update: Samsung and Qualcomm The Samsung-Qualcomm soap opera – in manyReading […]