AT&T, Time Warner, and the Need for Neutrality

It is no surprise that a judge allowed the AT&T-Time Warner acquisition to proceed given the government’s poor case; the question is if a better case could have been made. What is ultimately needed, though, are new laws.

Daily Update: It’s a Watch!, Net Neutrality and Zero Rating

Good morning, I apologize this update is again a few hours late. Needless to say, I am very eager to get back to Taiwan and a normal schedule, but there’s one more rather important event on my calendar…the San Francisco meet-up! In case you missed the email, the San Francisco meet-up will be at the […]

Daily Update: Lenovo’s Superfish Debacle, AT&T Prices Privacy

Good morning, I trust you all had a great Chinese New Year. True, I know the vast majority of you don’t celebrate the holiday, or even know it exists (or at least when), but I can assure you your “holiday” was better than one Chinese company’s. On to the update: Lenovo’s Superfish Debacle From Ars […]