Daily Update: A Teenager’s View on Social Media and the Social Communications Map

Good morning, As I noted last week, I will be going to Beijing the Wednesday to Friday. As of now I plan on keeping the same posting schedule, but my apologies in advance if there are any delays. In addition, my schedule isn’t yet completely set, so I’m not sure if I will be ableSubscribe […]

Yahoo and Tumblr, Alibaba IPO incoming, #AmazonCart

Good morning, Thanks for being subscribers! No site news, just on to the updates: Apple Retails and the Innovator’s Dilemma As Angela Ahrendts takes over Apple Retail, I explore why Apple Stores matter from a theoretical perspective. Link Yahoo and Tumblr It’s been a year since Yahoo acquired Tumblr, and the New York Times hasSubscribe […]

Yahoo, Tumblr, and the Signal-to-ads Cycle

Tumblr is worth far more to Yahoo than $1.1 billion, and worth far less as a standalone company. That makes this acquisition a win-win; Yahoo is buying three important parts of the signal-to-ads cycle, and Tumblr’s investors are getting a nice exit. There are three ways to improve advertising revenue: Sell more ads Sell more […]