Uber-Didi Follow-up, SalesForce Buys Quip

More on Uber and Didi, and why the evaluation of this deal depends on the lens you use. Then, why Salesforce bought Quip, and what that says about both enterprise startups and Salesforce versus Microsoft.

Apple, Didi, and Occam’s Razor; Uber in China

Apple investing $1 billion in Didi could signify all kinds of things, but only one explanation makes sense. The big loser, though, is Uber.

The Anti-Uber Alliance, WeChat Blocks Uber, Tiger Capital Invests in Uber

Didi Kuaidi, Ola, GrabTaxi, and Lyft are teaming up against Uber. Most are focused on Lyft, but they’re the least interesting part of this deal. Meanwhile, why is anyone surprised that Tencent would compete “unfairly”, plus, Tiger Capital hedges its bets.

Uber in China, Didi Kuaidi Raising $1.5 Billion, China Scale and Apple Maps

It seems that Uber is doing far better in China than expected. How is the company succeeding where other western companies have failed, and is their success sustainable? Plus fundraising news from Uber’s biggest competitor, and some amazing numbers about China’s scale.