Daily Update: Lenovo’s Superfish Debacle, AT&T Prices Privacy

Good morning, I trust you all had a great Chinese New Year. True, I know the vast majority of you don’t celebrate the holiday, or even know it exists (or at least when), but I can assure you your “holiday” was better than one Chinese company’s. On to the update: Lenovo’s Superfish Debacle From ArsSubscribe […]

Daily Update: The Twitter Tradeoff, Lenovo Impresses Again, Beleaguered

Good morning, Hello from the transit hotel at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport, where I’m holed up with a couple of kids for the night. I’m looking forward to being in Taiwan tomorrow. As I noted previously, expect updates to be a little irregular for the rest of this week. Thanks for your understanding. On toSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Lenovo Earnings, Windows 8 Banned, Google Buys Divide

Good morning, Only 49% of you opened yesterday’s email (it’s usually 80%+); I heard from several folks on Twitter that it got sent to spam, likely because of GroupOn, so please take a look and mark it as “not-spam” if that is the case. I’ll be writing about the Microsoft Surface announcements on Stratechery laterSubscribe […]

Daily Update: Bitcoin and China, Samsung Earnings, International Plans for Xiaomi and Lenovo

Good morning, Please remember to update your GlassBoard, t-shirt, poster, and book preferences on your profile page if you have not already done so. Access members, also check out GlassBoard as I have a few ideas I want to put past you, and remember you can contact me directly by email here (the link isSubscribe […]

Google’s Tasty Lemonade

It’s good to see one of the more tiresome myths of the last couple of years – that everyone is trying to be like Apple, just look at Google buying Motorola! – get put to bed once and for all. Earlier today Google sold the remains of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for $2.91 billion,1 closing […]