Disney Follow-up, The Re-Bundlers, Medium Claps

Disney is approaching streaming from a different place than its competitors, and the Conservation of Attractive Profits explains why its past success works against it.

Faceless Publishers, Take 2; Internet Trends 2017

Defining faceless publishers is perhaps easier by describing what they are not; then, my favorite slides from Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

Medium Membership, Medium Content, The Medium Newspaper

Ev Williams premise that media is broken is correct. It’s broken, though, because of the business model, which means another bad business model isn’t the solution.

Tesla Skepticism and Superchargers, Medium for Publishers

Just because Tesla is achieving an Apple-like brand doesn’t mean they will have Apple’s success: the hard part starts now. Plus, why SuperChargers are a big deal. Then, Medium for Publishers is Medium’s play to own the long tail of publishing, and it’s very exciting in what it enables.

In Defense of The New York Times

Amazon and The New York Times had a fascinating exchange this week, on Medium of all places. What that exchange represents — the search for truth, now open to anyone — is far more important than the particular article in question.

What is Medium Doing?, Facebook Updates Notes

Medium just raised $57 million on a relatively modest valuation, but lots of folks aren’t still sure what the company is trying to accomplish: today I give it my best shot. Plus, Facebook has updated Notes, which look a lot like, well, Medium posts. The appearance, though, isn’t what will make them succeed or fail.