The Cost of Developers

Microsoft paid a lot for GitHub, because it had to pay directly for access to developers. It doesn’t have the leverage of users the way that Apple does on the App Store.

Daily Update: Google and Mozilla Ban CNNIC, GitHub Attacked by Great Firewall, Apple Tops in Urban China

Good morning, I’m writing this through my tears as Wisconsin lost in last night’s national men’s basketball championship. I will say, one thing I’m grateful for when it comes to living abroad is that I am by necessity a lot less invested in sports than I used to be; morose is far better than incapacitated,Reading […]

Docker and the Integrated Open Source Company

It’s been a long time since an open source project has gotten as much buzz and attention as Docker. The easiest way to explain the concept is, well, to look at the logo of the eponymous1 company that created and manages the project: The reference in the logo is to shipping containers, one of the […]