Twitter Follow-up, Nintendo’s Conundrum

Some follow-up and clarification on yesterday’s piece on Twitter’s advertising business, plus a rumination on where exactly Nintendo is going as a company.

Daily Update: Nintendo to Build Smartphone Games

Good morning, There I was, working merrily on my promised Twitter/Meerkat piece, when truly shocking news came down the pipe. I got rather distracted by an event that perhaps isn’t that important big picture, but sure means a lot to the little boy in me. On to the update: Nintendo to Build Smartphone Games OneReading […]

Daily Update: What Consoles Say About iPads, Uber Opens API, The Samsung Nook

Good morning, Yesterday I wrote about my changing view on consoles in a piece called Games and Good Enough. As most of you may recall, last June I argued that consoles would soon be disrupted. Now I’ve changed my mind; I suspect that consoles will in fact safely own the high end of the gamingReading […]

Games and Good Enough

Two months ago I wrote How Apple TV Might Disrupt Microsoft and Sony. Then, about a month later, I went and bought a Wii U. And, a month after that, I bought a 3DS. And now I’m writing another article about gaming, and I think I’ve changed my mind. Still, it’s always dangerous to write […]